Football Saturday

Go Notre Dame!

Go Notre Dame!

Go Notre Dame!

A BAD IDEA!!!  I twisted my upper body very slightly to try and crack my lower back and now I’m in just a wee bit of pain.  Don’t think my lower abdomen was quite ready that.

Travis and I came over to my parents house with the kids to watch some football, which so far has involved happy screams and shouts!  A good day for Iowa and we’re hoping Notre Dame will follow suit.  Josh was decked out in Iowa gear, as was my dad, but when the Notre Dame coverage began Josh went down to his room and brought up t-shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys and hats for all of us to wear.  Madeline didn’t get the t-shirt she wanted, so we couldn’t get her in the picture I’ll attach here, but she eventually came around.

I’m recovering from surgery pretty well.  As long as I stay on top of my pain pills I can move around and shower without much help.  Without the pain pills I’m hurtin’ pretty bad.  The hardest thing for me to do right now is sit up from a laying position in bed.  You use total abdominal muscles to sit up from a flat position.  But so far I’ve had no problems in my recovery at all.  Travis has been super hubby/daddy!  He has taken on all the responsibility at home without any complaint and we’re both very hopeful that we’ll see the results we were hoping for from this surgery.

In my last update on dad, they were going to hold off on the steroid, because it makes him so agitated, until the regrowth became more severe.  That however changed the very next day when they began his new chemotherapy.  In the doctor’s office he became extremely confused and unresponsive, so they added Decadron to his IV and got him started instantly.  If the swelling and regrowth increased as fast this time as it did last time, without the Decadron I think we could have lost him this week or next.  But within 24-48 hours of receiving the steroid, he had improved drastically, so we don’t expect anything big in next few weeks. 

This kind of tumor, as it grows, needs blood in order to grow, so as it grows it creates just a mass of blood vessels designed to keep feeding the tumor, and consequently the vessels get more unstable.  When they took his first tumor out they described it as a mangled mess of irregular blood vessels.  The chemo that he is on now is designed to slow down blood flow to the tumor which will keep it from growing as fast as it would otherwise.  But no one can give us a true picture of how much longer it will give my dad.  On average it extends life 4 months.  We’re going to attempt another trip to the North Shore over Thanksgiving, as long as my dad is stable enough to travel.  He is looking forward to that trip, as are the rest of us.

Not a lot more to report.  I’ll update when I have more info.


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