Back again!

Long time, no blog! 🙂 I have just not had the motivation for long blog postings, so sorry if people are feeling somewhat out of the loop! I’m currently at the hospital, kids with Travis, just hanging with my fam. Amazingly, we’re not here for Dad! Mom has been having some uterine problems and she just had a hysterectomy this morning. It was a quick scheduled procedure because timing was important. Josh starts school this next week and we needed him available at home with Dad…and mom. So, she’s like 5-6 hours out of surgery and doing well.  Dad had a seizure this afternoon in her hospital room, probably just from the stress of having mom in surgery (and he was probably dehydrated a little), but it was a short one and, for once, my mom wasn’t the one trying to assist him.  I was there and the nurse was too, so I was able to stay behind him and get him laid down.  Its always startling for him, but he’s doing good now.

He’s started speech therapy up again, after feeling frustration over trouble finding words.  Its good practice for him to do therapy ongoing, and he was the one to decide to go back, which is great!  No regrowth that we know of yet.  I don’t think he seems more symptomatic, and regrowth is always symptomatic.

Travis sent me away last weekend to a catholic monastery for rest and to read The Shack.  He asked me if I’d be willing to go away and read for a couple days…hmmmm…not quite sure…okay!  It was wonderful!  Not only was the monastery one that is primarily silent, so the peace and quiet was amazing, but I really enjoyed The Shack.  I hate getting on book bandwagons, and I resist them if at all possible (actually, I don’t read much anyways), but I’m glad Travis encouraged me to read this one.  The author paints such a tangible picture of God, its hard to walk away without a different view of spiritual interaction.  And, he’s a good author, which makes a big difference.  The sad thing is that within an hour of being home with the fam, I’ve had almost a non-stop migraine.  We’re working with the kids on chaos and noise control, as they are three EXTREMELY energetic girls, but who wants to say my family gives me headaches!  I’ve lived with earplugs in since Sunday, which just dulls down the noise.  Kind of ridiculous!  But, the girls I think are sincerely trying, they are just loud and intense kids.

My parents continue to make it, sometimes hour by hour, financially.  The stress weighs a lot on my mom, but so far God has not let a bill go unpaid.  Thank you again, to those of you who continue to give to my parents and continue to offer support in many differing ways!  My mom’s home decor sales have been helping, and we just sold our first item on ebay!  First item going out the door is a 14 foot Christmas tree that we put up twice at the church…then decided that two full days to set up and decorate was a tad overwhelming just to have to take it all back down again a few weeks after Christmas.  After getting through our first item (thanks again to those who’ve offered to help…we haven’t had much time to do a lot on ebay), we are hoping to list many more of their more expensive items!

A side note my mom wants me to mention…if you’ve emailed my mom at all, their computer seems to have a mind all its own, and has revolted against the email world, so she’s been unable to access it or send anything!  If there is anything urgent please just call her directly.

Okay, I’m going to sign off for the night!  Want to chat a little with the fam before I have to head home for the night.  Hope fully it won’t be so long before my next update.  🙂 Enjoy your evening everyone!


August 2nd Update

Parents Sale 472

We had close friends come in town last weekend and it was wonderful!  My mother got pampered, with massages and naps two days in a row, their kids did a great job with my girls, and my dad and brother had some new guys around for their “boy time.”  Travis had to work 12 hour shifts while they were here, so he didn’t get as much hang out time, but the Napiers have been and will always be some of our favorite people to be with!  It came at just the right time too, because my mother really needed to rest. 

My parent’s business has really dropped off, to the “scary” point financially.  God has been extremely faithful with help coming hours before a bill has to be sent, but I truly don’t know how we’re going to do it most days.  We’ve had a few people express interest in the building, but none have panned out yet.  We haven’t actually hooked up with a realtor, and we’re hoping to not have to, as that would help with the financial end of things.  So, keep passing the word that its available!  My mom’s sales have been helpful, and she’s planning to continue offering the sales as long as we have things to sell!  Anytime you see the sign out in front of the church, she’s open!  We’re going to post some of the things on ebay too, to broaden the scope of people to sell to.  She’s trying to keep it like a home decor shop, instead of a garage sale feel, and that helps her be able to offer her things at prices they really are worth.  If anyone has anything that might fit in with the mood and feel of a shop, and you’d like to donate it for her to sell, just give her a call. 363-7171.  Or come by and shop!  Its a great way to give a donation and walk away with something nice!

My dad has had a couple more seizures, but we have no evidence of regrowth yet.  The seizures are extremely draining and scary each time they happen, for him and for my mom.  I can’t recall exactly how many seizures he’s had yet, but every single one has happened with someone there with him.  I’ll try to update a little more later tonight, but I’ve gotta go start dinner!  The kids are growing imatient and hungry!  Life is much happier with full stomachs! 🙂