Reasons to celebrate!

Well, I’m up too late, AGAIN, and thought I’d post a quick blurb on the ole’ blog.  If you’re not on facebook let me update you…  Dad’s MRI came back good.  There were some “slight variances” to this MRI, but nothing substantial enough to even determine if it was regrowth or just changes in his brain “post-surgery.”  The doc thinks his last seizure (last Thursday) happened because he missed one dose of his anti-seizure the day before.  Amazing how much of a difference one dose can make!  Mom is still pretty shaken up from this last seizure.  Everything turned out fine, but actually going through the seizures is not only exhausting but also traumatic each and every time.  Those who live with seizure disorders, and those that live with people who have them, know what this is like!  On one hand I can say I’ve been fortunate not to have had to witness a seizure first hand, on the other hand I can’t quite “know” what my mom is feeling because I haven’t seen one.  So, just keep my mom in your prayers, as well as Joshua and my dad, as they are the most directly impacted by this all. (Joshua officially moved in a couple of weeks ago)

The sales have gone well.  My mom has held two weekends of home interior sales and that has helped to supplement their Air Management income.  Pray for their business as well!  They’ve actually sold nearly every big item they had, so now she’s keeping her eyes open for other things she might be able to sell.  She’s fantastic at putting these sales on, as she has such a decorative ability!

Two things we’re looking for right now: The first is a baby monitor.  If anyone has one they aren’t using, my mom would like a way to communicate with Joshua if a seizure should happen, as Josh can’t hear anything from his room.  The second is someone who could volunteer their time to do/help do their taxes.  I think its going to be a tad bit complicated, given the situation, but my mom just can not afford to hire someone to do them.  If you know of anyone, please let me know!

A quick confession before I say good night!  I’ve had pretty bad TMJ/jaw pain for years, and I’ve been working with a neuromuscular dentist, wearing an orthodic (a retainer/bite plate of sorts), to help alleviate pain.  Its been helping a lot!  When I got my first one I was told that these wouldn’t break for anything (His exact words, “You could practically drop this off the empire state building without it breaking.”), but within 48 hours I had to take a broken one in to my dentist because our loveable little 70 pound basett jumped up, grabbed it off the table, and took a bite.  So, they fixed it!  Then, while at the U of Iowa hospital the first time around with my dad, it got thrown away on a tray in the cafeteria, never to be seen again!  So, they made me a new one.  No kidding, less than 24 hours after bringing home my second orthodic, my crazy dog got it again!  I swear he hunts for it!  He bit it into three pieces and cracked a section too.  I superglued the pieces and the dentist had to fix the crack so it fit right.  Then, right after the North Shore trip, I lost it AGAIN!  I was so humiliated I didn’t even call the dentist!  I had no clue where it had disappeared to, but we couldn’t afford to get a THIRD one made, and I couldn’t bear showing my face at the dentist again.  So, I’ve been living without it since, and just today I could feel the beginnings of jaw pain that shoots up over my eye and would soon begin causing migraines, like before I had the first one made.  We decided we would keep the two bags of trash we threw out after the North Shore, just in case it got thrown away on a plate or something, and we finally got around to going through the trash tonight!  I thought my heart was going to stop beating when Travis walked into the house holding my orthodic in his hand!  It was in a small trash bag in a bigger trash bag and Travis felt it as soon as he picked it up!  I ran up to Travis and jumped on him, celebrating!  I’m as happy that I don’t have to face my dentist without it, as I am to actually have some relief.  So, if you see me wearing a little purse everywhere I go, its my new orthodic holder that is going to be strapped to my body!  Its sad it has to come to this, but I’ll be damned if I lose that crazy thing again!!!

All right, that’s about it for tonight!  I need to grab a snack and head to bed!  I have to take our little thief to the vet tomorrow and get his nails trimmed…or buzz sawed…whatever they end up having to use.  We’re such neglectful dog owners.  He gets all the love and play in the world but can’t seem to get good nail care to save his life.  The girls asked today if the vet was going to paint his nails as well!  And they were serious!  🙂

Good night!



Also wanted to pass along that my parents are really struggling financially!  The orders coming in are dwindling, partially because of the situation and my dad being unable to work, and partially due to the economy, filters are being used longer before being changed.  But this month is the first month where my mom thought most bills would go unpaid without something else helping…which is where the sale came in!  That has dramatically helped, and we might keep up regular sales in order to help compensate for the business losses.  My dad’s SS Disability income will begin in September, which will help as well.  We’re back to selling the church so pass the word!  But please be praying for these home interior sales!  Our intention is to have them every couple weeks.  We will have many commercially sized items that were bought to renovate the sanctuary, so we’re hoping to solicit interest from the surrounding businesses.  PASS THE WORD!  We have chandeliers, brand new stove and fridge, decor too large for the average home, and many more things I haven’t seen yet.  Anyone interested in these items may call my parents at any time, 363-7171.  Thank you to all who have made donations, have continued to bring food, and who have passed the word to others! 

Our next MRI is tomorrow, which I know everyone is nervous about.  I will pass along any news we get!

We love you all, Naomi

For Sale

 Okay, listed here are three bronze statues that are being sold by silent auction.  They are valued together at well over $20,000 combined, but being auctioned off at much less.  It is a fundraiser, so pass the word, especially to any pediatric offices in town who might be interested in large art. 

Also, there are pics of some of the other items being sold.

Then, you will see several of my dad’s items being sold as one complete “ready to go” business.  He did air quality testing and mold remediation, and is looking to sell the trailor and all supplies.  We’ve had several calls on mold testing but have been unable to take them due to my dad’s health right now.  So, its a worthy investment for someone interested in a side business.

Anyone interested can call Rick or Kristi at 363-7171.

Home Interior Sale TODAY-Sat!!

My parents are having a home interior sale today through Saturday at their home/church

1246 2nd Avenue SE

Thursday – Saturday

10pm – 4pm

Silent Auction Items also

Pics of items being sold at the sale are on facebook.  Click the link on the right side of this blog.