Christmas with the Casteels!


Celebrating with the Jandiks

We had Christmas with Travis’ family on Saturday, and had a great time!  The girls did fantastic…I was so proud of them!  The received their very own personal DVD players from Grandpa NoHair and Nana…which they were hysterical about.  Emma could hardly contain her excitement, the first words out of Garmai’s mouth were, “Yes, now we can watch movies without telling mom and dad,” and Madeline asked me to sit down and watch a movie with her as she announced, “Now mom, I can make all the decisions.”  My girls don’t like independence! 🙂  Finally something they can push all the buttons they want and won’t get in trouble for it!

Here are some pics from Garmai’s holiday concert this morning.  On a funnier note…Emma this morning woke up and when she came downstairs she was wearing faded jeans, a tie-dyed shirt, jingly bright colored bracelets, her hair pulled back on one side with a bright pink barrett, and sunglasses.  We think Emma’s older than 9, which is where we have her now, and this morning she came down for breakfast and asked if we would drop her off down the street from school so she could walk a little ways.  Hmmm…

The All City Drum Corp performs at the Cedar Rapids Holiday Parade!

Picture days and runaways!

We just got pictures taken as an extended family, of all the Jandik’s great grandchildren.  I don’t have the photo of all the kids, but I do have the ones of ours.  It was a rough night and as you can tell from the pictures my children were kind of on the tempermental side!  Garmai really did her best, although she was sick and dry heaving into a plastic bag.  All in all, I think they turned out pretty good!

Then, I have pictures of my next attempt at extension hair styling!  Madeline says that I did it too tight, so we will try to loosen things tomorrow, but I am hoping it will stay a while.  I was able to put it in tighter than the first round of extensions.

Madeline is currently in her first night of being locked in her bedroom, once again!  That little girl can get into more trouble between the hours of midnight and 7am than any child I’ve ever known!  Just a few of her recent outings include covering Dudley with every form of cream or lotion we currently have in our bedroom (so he smelled good!), taking a permanent marker and writing on my picture frame, dresser and who knows what else we haven’t found yet, getting on top of the fridge to get the huge thing of candy down and eating to her little heart’s content, spraying our fake Christmas tree with Fabreeze, and if I was going back farther than the last 3 days I could give you many more creative and inventive ideas she has come up with!  So, we’ve resorted once again to locking her bedroom door from the outside before she does something dangerous to herself, the dogs or us!  Who knows when she might get a hankering to go for a midnight stroll down our street.